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No one has the part available until Monday the 13th. Shortly down the road, his Nissan truck overheats, he pulls over, opens the hood and there's coolant? A tow truck is called to tow the now inoperable vehicle back to JL. Either way, we're waiting until Monday and my husband has to get a rental car. Ok, fine. My question is, might this have been avoided with a more knowledgeable technician? Monday the 13th. The part isn't likely available until Wednesday now. What is the deal with this type of communication?

The rental car fees continue. The cost and lack of skill are what offend me, more so the lack of skill. Wednesday the 15th. Go back to JL after work. Truck has new part and seems OK. My husband drives it home, me following, via a gas station stop. Now, I don't know how big a deal that really is. Is this acceptable?

Does he not know this part being broken or off leads to this? What is up with the pliers left hanging around in the engine? We will never go back, obviously. However, I want to hear about JL taking some kind of responsibility for this bottom of the barrel quality. You have to do something about it. I called JL and told them what I was experiencing from my visit with them I have now been going back and forth with JL for a month trying to get this problem resolved.

It's been hard trying to get to and from work, and doctor appointment etc. I've communicated this issue to the location manager at JL but no one seems to care. I have still not as of yet spoken with their claims department. Sincerely, losing hope. I went to my local Havertown Jiffylube and I will never go back. On top she had a attitude. She was a very weak point of their shop, although of staying for the service the guy at the computer sold me and made me very comfortable and the guy who was on the hood of my car. The shop seemed very fast-paced; they just need to have a better person who interacts 1st with customers.

I will not go back there. I normally would rotate my tires myself but I just had carpal tunnel surgery. First time in my life I decided to give Jiffy Lube a shot. I figured I would go at lunchtime since it only takes minutes to do. Pulls it in and walks into the bathroom. The other guy comes back and they both stand there talking. It's already been 10 minutes. Finally they both begin to rotate the tires. After another 30 minutes it was completed.

Guy pulls my car out and stays in it looking at himself in my rear view mirror. I asked the supervisor if she was in charge. She answered yes. I said, "What the hell is going on in here? Thank you, have a good day. Went in for oil change. Always get the synthetic as my truck is at 78, miles. Never had any problems. Was going from NJ to NC later that day. After oil change drove 5 miles home. Then left a few hours later to begin trip. Approx 25 miles my engine started making a loud noise. Pulled over, my buddy mech.

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Had burn marks and 1 drop of oil at end. Truck doesn't leak anything. Called customer service 10 days ago, still waiting on callback. Had to add 4 qts. Ran fine down to NC and back. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Moved from California to northern Nevada. In California had been loyal customer of the Oil Changers for many years, several vehicles. Found that the Oil Changers is not in Northern Nevada I keep up on all maintenance and keep all receipts Jiffy Lube charged me almost 3 times what the oil changers had ever charged me Exact Same Service!! Spare yourself!

If you are in Calif use the Oil Changers, but no matter where you are Ripped off! Two days later, on Friday, March 13, when it was being driven on I by my other daughter, the car experienced "catastrophic engine failure" those were the words of the mechanic at Lynch Toyota in Manchester, Connecticut. Catastrophic engine failure happens when there is no oil in the engine. Went to a used car lot Saturday to look at cars and told the salesman what happened, and his response was, "They may have taken the old oil out, but did they put any new oil in?

The car drove just fine until I took it there and now the car is good for nothing except a charitable donation, which we have done. Not only that, the breakdown on I terrified Annie, who is only 18, and put her life in danger. The manager on duty just stopped talking to me, sitting on the phone in total silence when I asked him questions. I feel this is a case of criminal negligence on the part of the mechanic and Mr. This Jiffy Lube is endangering people's lives and stealing money from their pockets. We are lucky that we could afford to buy another used car. If we had been a lower-income family, who had just one car and needed it to get to work, this incident would have pushed us into homelessness.

You just can't steal huge amounts of money from people and endanger the lives of your customers by forgetting to do something so essential. Today, our claim to Jiffy Lube was rejected because we donated the junk car to charity and were no longer the legal owners of the car, therefore Jiffy Lube no longer had any legal obligation to have serviced our car properly.

Last Saturday I took my car to Jiffy Lube for the annual state inspection. The staff was friendly and the car was ready in about 30 minutes. As I paid the bill I was asked to rate my experience this is not the appropriate moment to ask a customer to rate the experience since I hadn't even seen my car yet. But since everything seemed fine I gave them the highest rating of 5. I kind of noticed the tech seemed a little too gleeful of my good rating, I was about to find out why.

I only live a couple of miles from this Jiffy Lube and as soon as I got home, I noticed a 2. There was no chip or pit a rock would have made if it had hit the windshield and caused the crack, just a very clean crack. I had handwashed the windshield before taking the car in and I know the crack was not there, nor did the damage happen on the way to JL. I called JL to tell them about the crack and I was instantly told in no certain terms that Jiffy Lube did not cause it.

The JL employee telling me this did not even ask me to bring the car back in so he could examine the crack to make a determination, he just refused to address the issue. I said all I wanted was JL to pay to have the crack treated so it wouldn't spread, I wasn't even asking them for a new windshield. I have called and sent them a total of 3 emails and all I have heard is that they are passing my comment on to the franchise owner. I still have not been contacted by the franchise owner. I do not have a coolant problem or one of the car over heating.

When I highlighted the problem to a one of the mechanics he dismissed it as nothing, but when I returned home the car was still leaking coolant and when I went under the hood realized the leak arose from a hole in the coolant tank.

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A subsequent check of my other oils such as my brake fluid did not give me the confidence that my oil had been changed given the level it was at on the day after the supposed "oil change. What you must note is that when they take your car and you are instructed to go and sit in the customer waiting room, unless you are over the service man watching what they do during this process, there is nothing to validate their claim that they undertook to "conduct" an oil change as they stipulated. They seem more intent on getting you to buy additional services rather than effect what the service that you came in for, to the point they become aggressive and in poor taste.

I never really made a formal complaint because I really should not have gone back to that branch or even to the same company but did so out of habit since it is very near to where I reside , given my previous experience. I suspect that it was deliberate as they had absolutely no need to be in the glove compartment for a supposed "oil change. The car was in fine condition when I bought it in.

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I picked it up later and drove it the 2 blocks home without issue. However, the next day I started it up and seized in seconds. I got out to see a huge puddle of oil, along with the oil pan bolt lying in it. Obviously they did not tighten it enough and it came off, leading all the oil to drain out. A call to the district manager resulted only in accusations that I brought the car in like that.. I would have sued, but the burden of proof was on me. How does one prove the car was fine before going into the store??

It cost me dollars to have the engine repaired enough to run, but it was never the same after that. I never take my cars to franchised quickie places anymore thanks to them. I take them to trusted mechanics instead. An oil change is one of the easiest services to perform.. How hard is it to turn a bolt correctly?? After spending ten minutes on the car, I was informed that they would not be able to perform the oil change service because the oil pan bolt was stripped and the oil filter housing was broken and detached from the side of my vehicle.

When I was shown the damage, the attendant was cleaning up oil that had somehow gotten all over the engine compartment and even onto the side and front of the vehicle. He told me that the damage to the oil pan bolt and oil filter housing was there when the vehicle arrived for service. After I left, my car leaked oil and continued doing so until I brought the vehicle to a BMW dealer for repairs. My car was not leaking oil and the filter housing was not known to be detached from the side of the vehicle.

I filed a claim with Jiffy Lube's warranty department and they flat out denied the claim stating that they would not assume responsibility for damage to the vehicle. I went into JL on March 7, for an oil change on my car which I had gotten many times before at JL but not at this location. Worst mistake ever.

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From the time I left the lot my car was already getting hot. I went home that evening and went out to dinner with my husband and on the way home the car overheated and shut off. We checked the engine and there was absolutely no oil in the car and no antifreeze, both of which were supposedly changed earlier in the day at the store. Somehow we made it down to the street to the gas station to add both oil and antifreeze. The next day we went on our way back to JL after I had called them and informed them of the problem. On the way there the car overheated again and shut off in the middle of I called JL again and they sent me a manager to my location to determine the problem.

He showed up and said, "You have no antifreeze in the car," but yet the reservoir was full and they supposedly topped it off the day before according to the paper they fill out. Anyways he said he would be back. He said he was going to check the cameras in the shop and get back to me. So I had to get car towed and I'm waiting to hear what my mechanic has to say tomorrow.

We will go from here and definitely JL will be paying for the cost of my car because the engine is shot. Told everything was in order to get discount and service. Had no choice but to pay. Today, I went to Jiffy Lube on Sunday to have my oil changed. I went there a few ago once with a different car and fund, they tried to sell me hundreds of services that I didn't need.

I went in today as it was close it most places closed on a Sunday. I am a female and my father checked my car yesterday, it was fine Well I saw several workers around my car talking and they asked me to come out to the garage area, saying I have a major problem with my car - I had oil in my radiator box. They announce it must be flushed out and this could be something that happened - doesn't mean anything is wrong with my car. I know they put oil in there to force me to spend more money, really makes me wanna cry. They abused my car for greed and of course, I had to spend the My oil was freshly bright-goldish-brown and was not dried around the container; was not separated in the coolant.

They did this to me 'cause I am a woman and they took advantage of me!

I went in for a basic oil change. They said that all my brake lights were burned out. I said "all of them", "yes, all of them". I did not know what they did but I have 6 brake lights. They also said that my radiator was rusty and needed to be flushed. I said" that's impossible", I just had the engine and radiator replaced three years ago. Besides, my radiator has no cap, only a reservoir. I said "show me", so we walked to the car, and he sees that there is no cap. I am convinced that I got scammed on the brakes lights, so I am basically done with Jiffy Lube.

I worked at Jiffy Lube for a total of 2 weeks. While the people I worked with were great, all of the employees were treated with disrespect and were not valued, pay wise, at what we should have been. The system used is very old. When the location I worked at was busy I was told to skip many of the "Signature Service" service points, including checking and filling tires and filling washer fluid reservoir. Also, on a few occasions, I was told to use a lower quality oil than the customer had paid for.

I would not recommend using Jiffy Lube service under any circumstances. I once was out of windshield wiper fluid and I topped it off completely. I requested the oil change where they top off any fluids that needed topping off, because I knew I was low on transmission fluid - otherwise I'd have gotten the cheapest oil change and not spent extra.

Customer Needs to Follow-up Overheating. Harassment Employee.

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Lauderdale, FL. Charles, IL. Stripped Oil Plug or Filter. Cloud, MN. Flush Destroys Transmission Twice to the Cleaners. Leaking Fuel Upon Departure. No Oil In Engine. Stripped Plug. Indexed by State. If your experience is placed on our website, your e-mail address will not be shown anywhere on this website or any other website. Thank you for your great customer service you will never know just how much we appreciated you that day.

Very nice people working there! Quick, friendly and reasonably priced! Definitely the best automotive place in Atascadero. Brake Repair Our team is equipped to repair all brake systems. More Details. Oil Change Oil changes are imperative to engine health and longevity. Read more. Check back frequently for the latest promotions and special offers Read more.

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